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I realize that you may not have a qualified Hypnotherapist in your neighbourhood, or you may be interested in trying self-hypnosis by yourself. Self- Hypnosis has proven to be a relatively inexpensive and safe way to deal with a lot of simpler and single issues and is also a great reinforcer after a live Hypnosis session. 

I have done a lot of research on self-hypnosis programs and have chosen instant-hypnosis.com and hypnosisdownloads.com as two of the top programs of their kind. Click on the pictures below to see the full range of self-hypnosis downloads. You can immediately download the session of your choice to your computer as an MP3 file and sit back, close your eyes and enjoy!

Something to keep in mind though is that these self-hypnosis products have to work for many different people so they are of necessity somewhat general and may not always give you the specific results you need to solve the problem. If you are unsure, contact me first and we can discuss whether a downloadable self-hypnosis program is right for you.

I have also found that many people have more than a single issue (for example "I bite my nails and I'm afraid of spiders") when they come to me. If you have more than one issue then there is a strong possibility that they are connected. You might want to talk to me first about a live session that will address all your issues at the same time...The initial consultation is free.

I work very closely with you (somewhat like a Personal Trainer) to custom develop a Hypnosis approach (also incorporating Neural Linguistic Programming (NLP) and other techniques like Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Core Transformation etc.) to your issues and do a lot of coaching and follow up along the way. I will also give you a customized self-hypnosis exercise for "homework" with each session. Doing self-hypnosis after a session with me is a really effective way to deepen the benefits of a live session.

Contact me if you need any advice on their self hypnosis products or have any other questions.



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